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My First Semester

Oh man, my second term at Asia Pacific College has just started and, well, it is . . . not what I expected. It is hard to say but, man, do I wish I could go back in time to the start of my all-English term.

Looking back, my English term was (actually) great. I mean, 3 (and a half) months ago, I was just starting out at Asia Pacific College. Now I am not gonna lie, the first few weeks were tough and scary. I had to adjust from my easy-going high school life to my tough life in college. I had to learn how to commute home, what to do and where to go whenever I could not find a jeep going home, and how to fit in to my new environment.

Speaking of things I am going to miss, I am also starting to miss my professors and subjects last term. I miss the chills and nervousness I would get whenever I would speak in front during my Public Speaking 1 and Public Speaking 2 classes. I miss having to correct multiple sentences for parallelism in my Grammar and Composition Development classes (and the way how my professor always calls me when I am not paying attention). I miss the energetic and friendly attitude of Sir Fruto during my Expository Writing classes. I miss printing out a lot of drafts and revising them for my Technical Writing classes (I also miss the time Sir Deeno interviewed me). Last but not least, I miss helping out my classmates and giving a few tips to them during the English Enrichment Program.

I miss a lot of stuff from my first term—especially my PUBSPK1, PUBSPK2, EEP, and GRAMCOM classes.

As much as I would love to, I cannot go back in time and take the all-English term again. I might as well accept that the all-English term has drawn to a close and nothing could ever compare to its greatness.
That feeling when the best term of your college life is over.

Sure, I am (and still are) a member of APC Speaks, meaning that my public speaking days are far from over. But still, I will miss the times when my blockmates would speak in front, and I will miss speaking in front of them. I guess my PUBSPK1 and PUBSPK2 classes will still go on, through my training sessions with my fellow members of APC Speaks.

My EEP classes will still go on, as I still have my blogs. Besides, I have been blogging ever since I was in my third year of high school—which was around 2 years ago. I have (technically) been having my EEP classes before my real EEP classes ever started.

That covers my three subjects, which leaves my favorite subject—GRAMCOM. Although I won't see my GRAMCOM professor anymore (I just learned that my professor is not teaching anymore at Asia Pacific College), I can still continue the subject's legacy through continuous development in my grammar in English. After all, I have not saved all the PowerPoint presentations for nothing. I will make sure that if my GRAMCOM professor and I met again, I will have the grammar of a student who is currently taking their masters degree in English Language and Linguistics at some fancy university. I will make sure of that.

At the end of the day, my college life will continue to go on and my other terms will come and go the same way my first term did. But one term will stand out, and that is the all-English term.

I will never forget the happiness, the excitement, and most of all, the magic of my first term at Asia Pacific College.

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