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Monsoon Season

Today, I'd like to share an experience—an experience during a particular part of the year, really—that I really love and wish to happen someday. Just by looking at the title, you can clearly see that it's none other than the monsoon season. Other people have different terms for it, some people call it "rainy season," "rainy weather," or generally "wet season," but, in my eyes, it will always be "monsoon season." Ah, the monsoon season, how I love it so much, and yet I didn't experience it this year.

For me, the monsoon season formally starts when schools here in the Philippines start suspending classes for 5-6 days straight, or something like that. I don't really know what's so magical about the season itself, but it makes me feel so much at home. During this beloved season, I kick back, relax, and download some Japanese movies, or I watch any movie that has extremely gloomy weather, or something like that. I'm not particularly a fan of Japanese movies during the other times of the year, but that's (probably) because I love the country so much whenever monsoon season comes around. I don't know why, but Japan and its cities look best (for me) whenever it's the monsoon season.

Another thing I enjoy the most about the season itself is the smell of rain and the general feeling of coldness I experience during the season. For those who don't know, my room doesn't have an air conditioner, and my room is unbearably hot (especially during summer) all year round, and the feeling of coldness, that feeling when your environment is so cold, you just want to lie in your bed wrapped in a blanket is what makes the season extra-comfy for me. Still, that's not to say that I don't experience the coldness of air conditioners, as I experienced it quite a lot during my kindergarten, elementary, high school, and even my college days—basically, all of the schools I've attended have air conditioners.

But I digress, there's just something about the pelting of the raindrops on my window, the smell of the rain, the generally-cold atmosphere, and the suspension of classes that just makes the season itself so magical. Like I said before, I watch a lot of movies this season and the movies I remember watching were Death Tube 2 and Man, Woman, & the Wall—oddly enough, I really liked Death Tube 2 back then. I even liked it so far as to make its main protagonist my wallpaper.

Ah, Windows 8 and this wallpaper brings back so many memories.

And, believe it or not, that's just for 2013. I don't really recall much of what happened during the monsoon season in 2014, probably because it didn't happen or I was busy with a former romantic interest of mine. As for 2015, this year, the monsoon season never really happened.

While I do remember classes being suspended after our EGRAMCM class, I don't really remember classes being suspended for 5-6 days straight. Although I didn't watch any movie during the days when classes were suspended, the weather was still very lovely. I even made a blog post in my memoir because I thought that the monsoon season was finally about to start, but still, it never really took off.

Oh well, it's already the yuletide season and the weather isn't that much different, honestly speaking. The weather will still be a few degrees colder, but it won't rain. Adding insult to injury, my last day of classes is on December 23, and classes resume on January 3, meaning I only have a week or so to really enjoy the yuletide season. On January, the weather will get hotter and hotter, reaching its climax on April-May.

Finally, after months of drought and warm, humid weather, the clouds with gather all over the tired, dreary city, and soon, the raindrops will fall.

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