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My Second Semester

Whew, I gotta say, the second semester was one hell of a ride. I got to experience the world through the eyes of trigonometry, and shortly after, I was locked into a constant battle (a struggle, if you will) with derivatives in my calculus class. Then, I got to a experience more about my culture and heritage during my FILIONE class, and after a long day of being stressed out from all of the stress incurred from the earlier classes, a cool, relaxing classroom session of SOCUVAL to wash off all the anger in my system. The next set of subjects was the real battle, a 4 hour-long class filled with nothing but fat-burning exercises and activities to really get you into physical shape. After a long and somewhat strenuous session of physical education, an hour break is given to us in order to prepare us for what's about to happen next—a class about the basics and the fundamentals of programming, and, to finish off the day, a cool, awesome, and enjoyable class of basic Java programming to make that brain of yours compile codes in your own mind.

Gee, if only my everyday classes during my second term were like that, if only.

Needless to say, life isn't always as exciting, and what I said earlier couldn't be farther away from the truth. What really went down was nothing but pure misery and I seemed to dislike (and, possibly, even resent) almost all of my classes. My calculus class was the class I hated the most. As I've said before, I am not good at abstract math, and I basically do a lot of trial-and-error tests in order for me to learn something, and since we were barely given ways to check if our calculation was correct, I failed that class miserably. I understood some (really, a handful) of the functions that were taught, but I didn't really understand it. So, yeah, every Monday and Thursday, from 9:30 to 11:30 in the morning, I would feel like the dumbest person on Earth.

As for my other classes, I didn't really seem to care that much, and I treated every day like the day before—as just another boring and bland story to write down on the pages of my life. It's the reason why I didn't post much about my 2nd term, because there was nothing to write about.

Those were all in my academics side, but what about my personal life?

Well, needless to say, I screwed up a lot of times this second term—in regards to my love life (or lack thereof). To be frank, I tried to court two girls this term, and, obviously, I wasn't really able to "successfully" try to court them. I mean, I barely gave my all, as I had little to no effort in courting them at all. This was probably because I wasn't really in love with either one of them, and probably because they didn't seem to take an interest in me.. I'm not sure. Up until now, I still feel like I forced myself to try and court those girls.

But we all know who my heart (still) truly beats for—the girl I met during my first semester. Oh, how could I forget our extraordinary encounter on the 8th of June. She was unlike any other girl I have met before, and, if I were to be given a chance to court her, I would literally give my all just to court her. However, due to "physical" and "social limitations," I wasn't able to even try to court her. Heck, even being able to dream of courting her was a luxury that even I couldn't afford. She's not in Asia Pacific College anymore, but I still see her posts on Instagram from time to time and I "sometimes" (once in a blue moon, honestly) send her messages there. Oh, and speaking of "the girl I met during my first sem," I actually made her something—an animation of some sort. It was corny, it was cheesy, it was the stuff that you should be embarrassed about and would probably store away in some locked vault, or something. Still, it was something new that I had to try (because I've never really used Adobe Flash CC before), but I'm glad to have used it and say that I have made a (really horrible) animation during my spare time. Heh, makes you think of all the crazy things love can make you do.. do I even have the right to call it "love"? I'm not sure either. It seems that, for a teenage boy, I'm unsure of a lot of things.

Anyway, as for my social life this term, I really focused on finding true friends and reconnecting with old ones. The first and most noteworthy friend I made—or, in reality, "reconnected" with—was Elaine. She and I have been the best of friends for a long time and it's so nostalgic (or something) to have her back in my life. She's such a ball of sunshine and she reminds me of the once-great past that I used to have. My big sister, Elaine, is the woman in my life I trust the most, and for a good reason—because she's my ever-loving big sister. As for my "bro friends," I reconnected with my two best bros and, as I've said before, I'm planning to focus on a lifelong friendship with these two bros of mine. Capacia and JR's families have been so kind and welcoming towards me, and they, especially with Capacia's family, have been really supportive of me. Personally, they're the ones that honestly give me the motivation that I need, and their support means a lot to me. As for my other friends, I'm planning to be a more social and open—not to mention, accepting—person compared to before. As I get comfy and settled into my college life, I'm making ways to form more stronger, and more meaningful friendships with everyone I meet.

Despite the various tragedies that "derived" their way into my academic life, I'm glad to say that I have improved a lot of things in my personal life during my second semester. I solidified a dream, I made a blog that I'll use for many years to come, I formed new friendships with new people, I reconnected and formed stronger friendships with the people of the past, and I got to experience a "hangout" with someone I've been wanting to go out with for a long time—something I haven't done (and have wanted to do) in a long time.

All in all, my second semester was pretty great, which makes me look forward to what my third semester has to offer. The game has surely changed, and lots of big changes are going to be made in the next few months. I can't wait for the third semester.

Anyway, that's all, folks! See you next time.

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