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An Update

Well, it's been quite a while since I have posted anything here, hasn't it? Honestly speaking, I would like to blame my (neverending amount of) laziness and my schedule. My schedule for my third term at Asia Pacific College has started to take a huge toll on the time I have for my hobbies. I did the math, and I still have more hours spent at home than in my college. Still, most of that time is spent on resting and regaining my energy for the next day. Anyways, let's get on with the latest and greatest news from my life.

The most "relevant" piece of information to come from my life these past few weeks is that I'm planning to court someone. Ladies and gentlemen, I would just like to let the cat out of the bag here by saying that it's been YEARS since I've wanted to court someone. The reason why I took so long to court someone is because it's quite hard to find a girl who's datable or "courtable" if you were in my shoes. Now, you might ask yourself, "But, uhhhh, Dart, I'm having no trouble whatsoever at finding a girl to court. Why is it hard for you?" While I do have to agree with that, I do have to point out that I am—and let's be honest here—ugly. Some people might say, "You're actually good looking if you cleaned yourself up," and so on, but, the truth of the matter is that I'm ugly, even if I try to clean myself up. I genuinely know I'm ugly/horrid-looking/etc. and I'm fine with it. Anyway, I digress too much, for me, it's genuinely hard to meet a girl who's single and who I can court. I mean, most (if not, all) of the girls that I want to court are currently taken by some guy. Some of my friends suggested that I try to "steal" someone's girl away from them, but I personally don't want to do that. Not only would I look desperate, but I would also look very mischievous and stupid at the same time. I mean, there are a million girls out there and you would resort to "stealing" a girl away.

Going back to the topic (gee, I sidetrack too much, don't I?), it's very hard for me to find a girl who I can court BUT it seems to me that I have actually found someone I can court (after all these years). This won't be like the other times I had a crush on a girl, and I assure you all that this will be different. I'm coordinating with various friends for dating advice and also for information about the girl. I'm taking down the things I should do and the things I shouldn't do, and so on and so forth. I'm listening and I'm trying my best to keep my ears, eyes, and mind wide open for opinions and possible suggestions that could give me a much better chance to taking the girl out on a date, and all that stuff.

Still, at the end of the day, I'm just trying to find someone who I can love and love me back as much. It's no big deal (I think), and, even if this whole thing falls apart and/or the girl just straight up admits that she doesn't like me, I'm still going to learn a lot from all of this. The amount of support and help I got from my friends, and from people who I didn't know that much, was just astounding. Even if this whole thing falls flat on its face, I'm still glad to know that I have my friends by my side—and that's all that matters to me.

Speaking of friends, I made a few new friends over the past few weeks, especially Diego and EJ. I also became friends with the probies in the public speaking cluster of APC Speaks, and I got to know more about Lloyd and Tim after my encounter with them helping me out with the girl. I got to hang out with Diego, EJ, Patrice, Krisper, and Faye last week at Glorietta, and it's so refreshing to hang out with a lot of friends.

From left to right: Krisper, Faye, Patrice, me, Diego, and EJ.

Oh, and I've also been invited to watch our fellow participants battle it out in the ESU Public Speaking Competition. Only a select few were chosen from both clusters of APC Speaks, and, thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones who got a spot to watch the competition. So, there's a (somewhat big) possibility that the higher members see something in me. Whether this assumption is true or not is for them to decide, but I going to make sure that this opportunity will not be in vain. I'm going to take notes at the competition, analyze each and every public speaker that comes up on stage, and find out what makes them tick. Surely, there will be a winner in the said competition, I just hope that the winner will be one from our team.

That's all for now, guys and gals out there. Until next week or so, bye!

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