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In my previous post, I stated in the changelog that I would have a "Concentration of the Day" system in Build 14440, and I was serious about that. Honestly speaking, this whole "concentration system" is not really new in my world, oh no, I actually had a system like this last term in order to help me learn while I'm at home. As you all know, I fell through my plans and I failed to adhere to them.

But, with the release of Build 14440, I intend to make sure that I will follow and stick to the concentration system this time. As for now, I'm sort of in a gray area of the concentration system because the full implementation of it starts tomorrow with EGRAMDEV day. So, for today, I will ignore and put off the Sunday concentration in order to shift my focus onto completing the tasks I have yet to finish.

Still, I know you're all dying to know what the concentration means—so, without any further ado, let me explain it for you.

So, this "concentration system" I have developed utilizes the spare time I have when I'm at home. In theory, I reallocate the time being used for wasteful actions (such as waiting for messages, browsing the Internet, and staring at the screen) into activities that prove to have more purpose, such as learning how to use layer effects in Photoshop or developing a program that could initialize arrays.

What I will do is, rather than having to wait for a reply to come through, I will instead listen to an audiobook, watch a tutorial, or experiment with something to further enhance my skill according to the concentration of the day. Now that's done, let me explain the days and the concentrations themselves.

The first day of the week is EGRAMDEV Day, a day whose concentration is solely devoted to the improvement of my English grammar and fluency. On this day, I will do activities, read books, and watch tutorials on how to further improve my English grammar. It should also be worth noting that I try to adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style as much as I can. This day is and will always be the first day because of 2 major reasons—the first one being that the day itself will actually help me in the days to come by further improving my skill in the most fundamental building block of my life, which is English grammar; the second one is a secret and only those who have been in my class of SS151 will only understand the significance of this day to me.

The second day—Photoshop Improvement Day—is a day where I focus on the wonderful program known as Photoshop. This day will be wholly spent on improving my skills in image manipulation, design, and other Photoshop-related things such as layout design (though, I am fully aware I should use Adobe InDesign for layouting) and graphic design.

The third day is (and will always be) Public Speaking Day. This day is an day with extreme concentration on public speaking and speech improvement because, every Wednesday, I train with my fellow members of APC Speaks in an attempt to further hone and improve our public speaking skills. But, as you all know, learning doesn't stop when someone's not training you, so I've taken the liberty of preparing exercises and speech writing activities for me once I get home. On these days, I will practice my tone, accent, voice projection, pronunciation, reading-out-loud ability, and so much more.

The fourth day's concentration is mainly focused on creating desktop programs and other developments in technology. On this day, I will learn about how to properly code in C#, Java, and many others as long as the programming language I'm learning isn't related to the web because the following day is allotted to it. Since this day doesn't focus on any web-related programming development and only covers general programming, I rightfully named it Programming Development Day.

While the fourth day is about general programming, the fifth day is all about web programming, which is why it's Web Development Day. The main concentration of this day is all about web technologies. HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Node.js, Python, and all of those web programming languages take center stage this day. This day covers both frontend and backend web development, so there's a huge change I will take on database management and/or server management courses, as well as cloud-related services.

The mystical yet enigmatic sixth day is all about letting my imagination and creativity flow through a medium called "English literature," which is why it's the English Literature Day. This is the day where I will take all of the things I learned on the first day and pour it onto paper or text files for the world to see. It should also be worth noting that I will try to write much on this day. Making the last day of the week the day where I write most is a great choice because it gives me a medium to scream out and say how my week has gone. This is also the day where I'll be posting slam poems on my blog and on my Wattpad account. Slam poems will be posted at night, so, if you're planning to read a slam poem from me, be sure to check my blog (or Wattpad account) every Saturday at 8 p.m. onwards to read my latest slam poem.

Last but not least, Sunday. Sunday is a day where I get to kick back, relax, and focus on general improvements regarding anything in my life. It should also be worth noting that this day is where I will try to improve my relationships with my friends, members of APC Speaks, and other people I hold dear. Since Sundays are usually a day of rest, I wanted to make this the day of no concentration, but since that will impede my progress to become a better person, I just made it the General Improvement Day so that there won't be a day where I won't be able to improve on something.

I will (personally) try my best to adhere to this whole "concentration system" as I believe that this might be one of the steps that will lead me towards the excellence I've been trying so hard to achieve. Let's just hope that I'll have the courage and energy to fight the laziness that it taking me over from within, and, hopefully, all of the effort that I will put into this system will be of use to me one day—regardless if it's now, next year, or even in the far future.

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