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Major Revisions

If there's anything I've realized about myself these past few weeks major fact that I need to make serious revisions to my personality. I've noticed that I'm an extremely disruptive, annoying, and downright rude individual—and I intend to change that. But before all that, you might be wondering what the words in the picture mean, and this will also be the post where I'll explain my "version numbers" to you all.

So, if you've visited some of my profiles, you might have noticed a string of gibberish like "10.17.14250.36.lh-g_release.160319-71911," or something similar. That, my dear readers, is my version string. Now, you might be wondering, "What use to you have for a version string?" And, embarrassingly, even I'm not clearly sure of what it's for; however, I do know that I use it to track changes and errors within my personality. If I make a change (whether it is a big one or not) to my personality, I have to update my version number and I usually put it into a changelog.txt file in my computer. Basically, that's all you need to know about my version number. It tracks the changes I have made to my personality and it's just one of the unique things I do. Oh, and it also mimics the Windows version string.

As I'm writing this, my current (simplified) version string is "OS Build 14250.36." The version you see above, Build 14440 is a build of me that is going to be released this midnight, on Sunday. This build of me contains the MOST revisions to my system yet. Still, as it only contains revisions, it's not fit to be called "a major update," that's why it's still classified under update G.

Gibberish and technical jargon aside, what does this mean for you? I can't surely say for sure (because I don't know who I'm talking to), but it will affect the way I communicate with most people. This update also brings A LOT of drama-control precautions when dealing with rejection and heartbreak. Basically, this means that I will put certain restrictions upon myself when I'm experiencing a "dramatic meltdown" because I've noticed that I really say harmful and destructive stuff when I'm having an emotional breakdown. While this update cannot stop emotional breakdowns, it can, however, impede the progress of them and redirect them into a medium that is non-destructive and creative. This update also removes a large chunk of jealousy in my system. Most of all, this update brings the much-needed controls and restrictions whenever I enter "beserk mode," a mode I enter whenever I'm with my blockmates or whenever I'm generally having so much fun to the point where I actually start acting like a madman.

Last but not least, this updates also restores some of traits and personalities from my "Sunny" personality and I'm actually going to bring back some of the "core values" that I used to strictly follow. Also, this update will bring the first-ever philosophy to my system, which is "Excellence above all else." Once this update goes live, my system will be offline for 5-8 hours or so just to matter-load and finish completing the update. After that, most of the things that you (most likely) hated about me—my annoying and childish ways, my rudeness, and the way how I act crazy when I'm having so much fun—will be either fixed or completely gone.

If you'd like to know more, here's the full changelog:
  • Added controls for beserk mode
  • Added support for advanced rejection handling systems
  • Added philosophy
  • Added "Concentration of the Day" system for enhanced development of skills
  • Improved conversation-continuation systems
  • Improved rejection and drama-prevention controls
  • Increased attention for excellence in the fields of technology, literature, and academics
  • Increased attention in the field of public speaking
  • Increased control for actions when romantic interest is near
  • Reintroduction of core values from 2012-era operating systems
  • Reintroduction of core SNSD values and personality traits
  • Reintroduction of some of Seohyun's personality traits
  • Removal of jealousy
  • Removal of some unwanted/unneeded traits picked up from external sources

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