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Slam Poetry Night: Not Good Enough

Before I'd like to start this little event, I have to request for the members in the audience to turn off their phones or to put them on silent mode. This night, ladies and gentlemen, is all about one thing: chilling. So, for the best experience, turn off your phones so that we may not distract the performer on stage, thank you.

Hope you're all having a chill evening as much as I am, folks. Thank you all for visiting our little hole-in-the-wall studio/shop we have set up a few days ago just for our little soirée this evening. I'm "the main man" tonight, your host and owner of this fine shop, Ian. The lovely girl in the back is our one and only waitress, Charm, and the guy to her right with his arms crossed is Dylan, our only chef and waiter. We're only a small group of three, but we hope that we will be more than good enough to accommodate you all this evening.

Now that you all know us, I'm sure you're all dying to know what we have in store for you tonight—and the best way to answer that is to tell you what that cool, green drink is doing in front of you. That, of course, is none other than a tall, minty frappuccino courtesy of our first musical performer this night. You may not have heard of this band because this is actually a new band in the smooth jazz scene, but, let me tell you something, they know how to rock the saxophone and drums. Give it up for The Minty Frappuccinos with their song "You Were the One"!

I never knew that life could be like this
Livin' day by day not experiencing a hint of bliss
'Cause darlin', the soft touch of your finger is a thing I miss
Oh when I'll see you I'll

Live back the days we've been through together
Never regret the fights we had together
Because you, you, you
Because you were the one

I've been spending days to talking to you
Night and day, not even having a clue
If it was something I said because I know
Deep in my heart that I still love you, you
Oh when you see me, tell me

That you miss the days we talked all night
And how you laughed every time I did stutter
Tell me that the thing we're doing ain't right
And that it all will come back together

Because you, you, you
You are the one, the light, my shining glee
Yeah you, you, you
You were the one

Since this is a slam poetry night, I highly encourage everyone in the audience to snap their fingers instead of actual clapping as a "different form of applause," if you will, for nights like this. Laugh all you want, but that's how it is here. Next time we'll definitely put up a sign that reads, "No applauses allowed, only snaps."

Joking aside, I'm pretty sure you're all dying to hear our last—but not the least—performer for the night. The reason why we're all here, the slam poet. Our first slam poet is a close friend of mine, we've been through a lot recently—him having his romantic dilemma and I trying to set up shop here as a café in the morning and slam poetry stage every Saturday night. His slam is titled, "Not Good Enough," dedicated to the girl he's been trying to court but is unwilling to show interest.

Ah yes, love really is a dangerous ball game. Sometimes, you throw a ball and hope somebody throws it back, but, often times, you're just left there standing trying your best to see if that person will give back the ball to you. Drama aside, let's give it up for our slam poet, Mr. Ronald!

"I'm sorry, but your best is not good enough"
The sharp, piercing words that went out your mouth
Sounded nothing more than pure bluff
If only I knew, I would've never gotten into this love stuff

If only I know that you'd never love me back,
I would've never tried to wiggle through this crack
If only I knew, if only I knew
I would've . . . I would've never loved you

Try, try, try
Day and night, all I ever did was find a better way to try, try, try
But for what? For the hope that someday we'll look eye to eye?
Because that's what I want, it's better than to say a measly "Hi"

I know that I'm not as good-looking as the other guys
And that my dream of having a relationship with no lies
Is just a laughable, stupid idea to you
Because you think that my love for you isn't true

A chance is all I need
For you to see what I mean, for you to heed
That all the things I've done in the past few days were done using my best
Just so I can get a chance and to pass your test

All in an effort just to show you that I love you so much
Oh, who am I kidding, my best will never be good enough

Thank you, Mr. Ronald for the great slam you delivered. We really felt the pain and the anguish you felt when this girl told you that your best isn't good enough for her. We've all been there, am I right?

Well, I hope you've all enjoyed the minty frappuccino prepared for you all because I'm afraid to break the news that our night of chilling and kicking back has come to an end. We, the members of this fine establishment, humbly thank you in attending the first-ever slam poetry night. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, and we hope most of you will still come back here next week for our next set of performances. See you all and have a safe trip home, good evening!

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