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The Bigger Picture

If I were to ask for a recurring theme in my blog posts for the past month-and-a-half, the most obvious answer would be my "current romantic endeavors," and I'd get to put another dollar in the swear jar. In all seriousness, the issue with me over-prioritizing my not-so-important romantic problems is starting to get out of hand—not to mention that it's also leading me astray. "Astray from what?" you ask, astray for the path I want to walk down in life. Now, let me explain.

For those who know me quite well, you'd know that I prioritize love (and other problems relating to it) more than anything else, and, usually, when I prioritize it, I often lose track, interest, and/or enthusiasm to do anything else. It's as if my whole world automatically starts to revolve around the person's name that's carved on the walls of my heart. But I digress, this is a pressing issue within me, my close circle of friends, and those who are concerned for my general wellbeing.

After the events that transpired over the past few days, my eyes have "opened up" towards a different thing—towards a dream that I constantly keep forgetting. I've realized that my life doesn't (and isn't supposed to) revolve around one person; rather, around many persons, all of which have a close connection towards me. I've realized that life is just more than getting the girl of your dreams, and that there's more to it than just "moping over another rejection."

So, now you know that there's more to life than just romance, I'm pretty sure you're all wondering what will take it's place in my "list of priorities in life." To tell you the truth, I don't even know what to replace it with, but I am going to put more emphasis towards my academics, my personality development, and my skills improvement.

What about love? What about romance? Those will still remain in my list of priorities, albeit, at a lower priority compared to before. I genuinely want to try and see how far I will go, but I won't disclose any information right now for multiple reasons. Still, I genuinely need to inform you all about the girl.

The girl and I are kind of in an "on/off state" right now in which she talks to me personally, but not online. The fact that she doesn't want to talk to me online anymore is blatantly obvious at this point. But still, I believe there must be a reason as to why she's giving me the cold shoulder—I just hope that it's not because she finds me creepy, or something like that. Anyway, I will tell (in full detail) the plans I have for the girl in a coming blog post. For now, it's best to leave that topic in the dark.

As for everything else, I believe that it's best to focus on the improvement of my skills for the time being. I genuinely want to improve on programming, public speaking, writing, and the alike, but I can't do it with love being my main priority.

Most people say, "The best solution to a problem is usually the easiest one," and I'll be honest: love is hard, but I won't give up hope. I have to find a solution to this problem—regardless of that the odds are. Still, it's best to just set it aside for now until I can find a proper solution for this seemingly-never ending dilemma. Who knows, maybe in a few days we might come up with the perfect strategy (one that'll, hopefully, win the heart of the girl) and pretty soon I'll be publishing blog posts about my first date or something.

But I digress (again), I won't focus on that for now (at least for the time being). Plus, if that girl is really the right one for me, we will both find a way back into each other's presence.

If that girl is really the right one.

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