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Posting on This Blog

The basic layout of posts in my blog.

For the past few weeks or so—ever since classes have resumed—I have been pretty busy because of my schedule. It's not that I have more classes now compared to before, but it's because all of my classes are scrunched up in long, tiring afternoon sessions rather than being evenly spread out in the morning. Now, that sucks for 2 reasons: I'll always have to stay up late in the night to finish my assignments/schoolworks, and it basically leaves me super drowsy in the morning. Needless to say, this schedule has prevented me from posting on this blog frequently (among other reasons).

Nevertheless, I've always wanted to continue to post here, but I don't really get the reason why I post here infrequently. I've chalked up a bunch of reasons why I don't post here anymore, and one of the leading reasons (if not, the leading reason) as to why I don't post here anymore is because of how my blog is designed. You've probably noticed it by now because you'll see that basically ALL of the blog posts I have written (so far) have an image in them. Now, I'm not against making images for my posts, to be honest; if anything, I highly want it because I get to showcase my creativity now. But, as I said, it's kind of a double-edged sword: it's good because I get to finally show off my skills in image and graphics design, but, at the same time, it's also prohibiting me from making a lot of posts because I have to make sure that each of their design must be unique. Moreover, making post images take time and (some form) of creativity, so it also extends the amount of time needed to make a new post.

So, with that out of the way, what else is prohibiting me from posting here frequently? Lack of stories to share. Now, off the bat, I know what you're thinking, "Dart, why don't just share your everyday life or something? There's a story in everything!" and, although that might be true, there are some stories that I'm not compelled to share with the general public, and there are some stories that I only feel like sharing with trusted individuals. Sure, I could share my everyday life with bits and pieces of it removed, but that's basically (what I consider) a form of lazy writing—writing something for the sake of writing something.

Are there more reasons as to why I can't write? I could chalk up a few more, but I honestly don't like making more excuses. Writing is (or, in this case, was) my passion, and I'm quickly losing the motivation to chase it. But have no fear, I have made a few solutions to remedy these basic and easy-to-solve problems.

1. A new system for off-the-bat posts
I'm sure that there will be posts that I'll write just for the sake of writing in the future (and I have written a great amount of them in the past, too), and I need a new system in place for off-the-bat posts—and yes, that's what I'm calling them now. So, how will you know that a post is made right off the bat? Well, you'll notice that the posts have no image attached to them, and they'll also have the tag [Off-the-bat] so you can easily see off-the-bat posts.

2. Only adding a post image for the "featured" or "special" posts
So, for now, I'll only be making a post images for posts I can consider a "really valuable work of art," or something of the sort. I'll also be heavily proofreading them so you'll know that the post you're reading is of high quality. That's basically it for posts like these. Oh, and they won't have an [Off-the-bat] tag on them.

3. Publishing my speeches/slam poems/other works of literature
You all know that I'm a member of the public speaking cluster at APC Speaks, right? Every week or so, we make tons (and tons) of speeches—some subpar; others competition-level speeches. I'll make sure to post a speech of mine every week or so, but, of course, I'll be revising it, so some parts or certain sentences might be removed. Since I mentioned slam poetry, yes, I'll be bringing back my Slam Poetry Night series next Saturday, July 10, 2016.(Final change of schedule, I promise.) As for my other works of literature, the things I'll write when I'm bored, I'll just post some of them here. I still haven't decided whether or not to categorize them, but the slam poems sure are going to be. I'll figure something out soon.

In a nutshell, those are all of the solutions I could think of to get me posting more. I really, really hope this gets me to post more often in this blog as blogging/writing is, was, and always will be a thing that I genuinely have a passion for.

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