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In Hindsight: Lion Heart

Well, it's been A YEAR since Girls' Generation (SNSD) has released a full album and I thought that, rather than wait for a new one to come out, I'd just "review" the latest one. And by "review," I mean take a look back at the music of yesterday (or yesteryear, in this case) and see how much of a ripple or wave it made throughout time and in my life. Ah, there's nothing like listening and harking back yesterday's musictoday. Tomfoolery aside, yes, it's been more than a year or so ever since SNSD has released an album and I'm dying to review at least one.

But first, let me just give you a little tidbit about my site. For a year or so, this blog has come equipped with a special kind of embed feature that automatically resizes YouTube (and Vimeo?) videos according to your screen size. I've shined and polished this feature for the past few months and I think it's absolutely perfect and I should try it out soon. Try it out by resizing your browser window or changing the orientation of your phone, pretty neat, right? Anyways, let's get into the video!

Now, for those who don't know the obvious truth, Lion Heart was released on the year 2015 and, boy, this huge release was entirely unprecedented. "Lion Heart," the album and the song, made large waves with Sones (the fans of Girls' Generation) and with other K-poppers. This release was also notable for being SNSD's first Korean album after Jessica's departure.

I don't really know the general consensus behind Lion Heart (both the album and the song), but obviously some people didn't like it because, as I've read, "it was missing something—or someone," or things like, "without Jessica, SNSD just doesn't feel like SNSD anymore." Negative comments were out and about, as with most things in this world, but in the mix were some good things—especially praises—about the new album. From what I've read, some people claimed that it's SNSD best album to date, and others suggested that it was a sign (shinhoreul bonae jweo), a sign that signaled SNSD's return to the world stage and their newfound mission to compete with newer K-pop bands like BLACKPINK, AOA, and Red Velvet. A lot of people, mostly Sones, believed in the fact that the phrase "comeback is real" is true for SNSD.

And, whew, were we wrong.

After Lion Heart was released, SNSD went on hiatus (again) and they haven't released a new album since. Sure, it was expected that they would do Korean and Japan tours in order to promote their new lineup of songs and whatnot. Not to mention Gaon Music Chart's announcement at the end of 2015, stating that Girls' Generation had over 398,000 albums—and being the most successful girl group in South Korea. But what now?

Around August or so, the group released the song "Sailing (0805)" for their 9th anniversary as a band, and that was pretty much it for the group this year, I suppose. I've been religiously checking SNSD's subreddits, forums, Tumblr posts, and so on, but I couldn't find any new news for the group. It seems to me that SNSD might be on hiatus for this year, but I can't be entirely sure. However, it is obvious that SNSD has focused more on the success of its members and solo performances rather than making/recording new songs for an upcoming album.

Not that SNSD focusing on solo performances by its members is a bad thing, it's just that it's weird how the girls aren't going to be doing much as a group this year. (Oh, I LOVE Seohyun and Yuri's new song "Secret," you should totally check it out!) It's that fact that makes me sad because there's no new things to spazz about or no new things to discover about the group, unlike in the years before when the group was making news right and left, and my Facebook News Feed was teeming with news about them. Now everything's just, dare I say, sort of dull.

There's not much to say about the song or the music video other than the fact that it was released at an iconic time in my life (the start of my college life). While it may not seem like much, the song and the album itself is actually dear to me. Like, seriously, if there was one album or song to represent my first term in college, and the memories in it, I would definitely choose Lion Heart.

Because of all this, Lion Heart has carved its way into my heart where it found a soft spot, right next with other memorable SNSD album releases such as "Girls & Peace," "I Got A Boy," "The Boys," and "Love & Peace." (Gee, gee, gee, gee all of the sudden the albums really do sound girly when read in that order.)

All in all, Lion Heart is proof that Girls' Generation is still that iconic 9-member (or 8-member) girl group powerhouse that launched in the summer of 2007.

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