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My primary blog and the blog I used in the English term.

For those who have known me since high school, it's no surprise to you that I love blogging. Blogging has been a cornerstone of my life since 2013 or so. Ah, back then I used to blog on a different site (but still on the Blogger platform) and under a pseudonym. For the past 3 years or so, I've learned how to integrate blogging and the art itself in my daily lifestyle. Now that I'm blogging using my own name, and that I have a very high-maintenance blog, well, blogging has been kind of hard for me.

You see, the design of this blog is very image-centric. It relies on mostly images along with content and integrates them both beautifully, I believe. Now, to tell you the truth, I'm not used to adding a "post image" to every blog post, and making one in Photoshop has proved to be too cumbersome for the likes of me. I said before that I would make "off-the-bat" posts in order to increase the number of blog posts here, but I don't want my blog to be filled with those "no post image" indicators.

I don't want to stop blogging, and I don't want to entirely give up on this design. I don't want to use my old blog, and I sure as hell ain't redirecting to My Second Drawer, NaengmyeonGeeks' Generation, nor my Medium. Why? Those other blogging platforms don't suit me at all. Weebly has an awkward post editor and, for some reason, it disables autocorrect on textboxes. WordPress' interface looks too "odd" to me and the main site takes YEARS to load. Tumblr just doesn't seem too customizable for me, and the site functions slowly on my laptop. Medium is barely customizable and it doesn't come with the features I want in a blogging platform. Besides, Blogger is my home. It loads fast, the UI is perfect, the necessary tools are there, there are no ads or "CREATE A SITE WITH BLOGGER" stuff. Plus, I've been with it ever since I started, and had some good memories here with my Big Sister Elaine.

After giving it much thought, I then decided to just revive my old blog—Memoir of an Undergrad. What I plan to do with it is just use it as a place for "off-the-bat" blog posts or posts that were easily made. You know, a place where I can pen down my thoughts after a busy day just to check up on how I've been doing.

With that said, what will happen to A Better Tomorrow? To simplify it: Nothing will happen to this blog. I then decided that I will use this blog for "high quality" blog posts. Blog posts that have images, proper formatting, media, less grammatical and spelling errors, and much effort put into them. The other blog, Memoir of an Undergrad, will contain "lower quality" blog posts that aren't proofread and will contain little to no effort. Basically, Memoir of an Undergrad will just be a place where I can blog in my leisure time.

So, I hope that clears everything all out. Remember:

A Better Tomorrow = A blog containing the "best of the best" posts.
Memoir of an Undergrad = A place where I'll blog when I'm feeling lazy :^)

Got it? Good. See you on the other side as I start to revamp the UI of my old blog.

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