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DNETCOM: Learning Log 2

Tall, dark, and devilishly good-looking—those are servers! When you mean by "server," a non-technologically adept person might think of a waiter, or something of the sort, but no, those aren't the servers I'm talking about. The servers I'm talking about are those giant racks of computers that send and "serve" content to devices. This week, we learned all about servers; how they work, how the function, how to configure them, and how to use them to serve emails or webpages. Unfortunately, we didn't set up a real server, we had to set up a virtual one—specifically, in Cisco's Packet Tracer tool.

For weeks 3-4, our main focus was on focusing about configuration, and stuff of the sort. We learned how to configure the network, how to add a password to the router, what types of connection to choose when connecting peripherals, and so on. And, oh boy, was it all a mouthful to memorize, but it sure was fun to learn.

To be rather brash and honest, I love these two weeks—and this was my favorite class for these two weeks—because I finally got to get into the nitty-gritty of my studies. I was finally able to get a feel of how the environment is like, and it's just amazing to have.

Funny enough, despite not being able to get the basic terminologies of the first two weeks, I made a speedy sprint towards the front of the pack in these two weeks. The class lessons were a breeze and the implementation was waaaaaayyyyyyy easier than I expected.

It was such a surreal feeling to be able to intuitively grasp a tool on your first try, and it happened to me with Cisco's Packet Tracer. It's like picking up a guitar and immediately being good at playing it despite not being taught that much about it in the past, that's what my experience with Packet Tracer felt.

The lessons and exercises this term were so easy, I was able to do my teams work with little help from the members and I was able to help out another even number group. I guess my prediction in the previous learning log didn't come into fruition.

And now, here are some of "my highlights" of this week in DNETCOM, enjoy.

A successful ping is a good ping.

Ha, wait till I get my hands on this web page, it's gonna look so fly once I'm done with it.

There's just one perfect phrase to wrap this week up:


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