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DNETCOM: Learning Log 3

Our professor, Sir Justin Pineda, was out for the weeks 3-4 because he was going to attend some training or exercise, so we just had a small seatwork on how to design and set up a network with a DHCP server and a mail server.

I have to say, setting up servers is, well, a little harder than setting up a "serverless network." I especially had trouble configuring the DHCP server and making the computers get their network configurations from the server itself. I had to redo the activity thrice just to get it and I sat around asking other groups on what to do and how to do it.

I especially had trouble because no one else from our group was listening (aside from me) and, despite listening to our prof, I still didn't get it. I was a little stumped, to be honest, as I recall I gave my 100% attention to what our professor was doing and I had trouble implementing it.

Nevertheless, after a few minutes of asking other groups, our professor, and consulting, like, 5 articles or web pages on the topic, I kinda got the gist of it, and was able to finally set up a working DHCP server.

The fun part was setting up the email server. I managed to set up an email server using the domain name of an infamous site. I then made some users and began sending message to and from each account.

I genuinely had fun on this part because our first email test was actually one of those Nigerian 419 scams. The first paragraph of our test email went along the lines of "DeAR SIR!!!! y0U Have recieved 4.000.000$ dollars from something something" and I gotta say, using spam mail to test if a newly-configured email server is working is definitely more fun than it sounds.

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