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Aigoo, it's already a week into 2017? Since I have no specific topic to talk about, and I don't want to talk about another problem in my life (ugh), I might as well talk about anything else. I'll just be myself and talk about whatever. So, um, bleh, I don't even care anymore :^)

Anyway, it's been a week since I've played Overwatch and I'm dying to play it again. I seriously miss playing on the Hollywood map, and the sounds! I just downloaded the official soundtrack of Overwatch and, whenever I play the "Hollywood" song, I get teary eyed (not really) because I miss the game so much.

I'd do anything to play D.Va again (or Mei, pat pat pat). D.Va is obviously my favorite hero in the game because: 1. She's Korean. 2. She has this Iron Man-like suit that I love using. Like, ever since I first played Overwatch (on Osh's laptop), I used D.Va. I also like her boosters a lot and it's something I'm always looking for when I'm playing as another hero. I've tried playing Zenyatta many times before and he's so frickin' slow, hay. The same goes for Mei as well, like, what the hell, can't these heroes get to Objective A faster? No wonder no one's on the payload. Also, D.Va is bæ 😛

I really need to get a new computer soon, lmao. Back when my laptop was fully working, I was using Photoshop like a madman. Whenever I install it on this laptop back then, I first go to the Performance option in Preferences and just turn that GPU setting to "Advanced" and Photoshop would run as smooth as butter. It's almost criminally smooth back then, as I was able to edit files that used almost 2 GB of my RAM. Heck, I even made the entire Intrepid Pen layout back in '15 in the heat of the summer and my laptop just pushed on through.

Oh, and my gaming life was full of color when my GPU was still working. I fondly remember the days when I'd get a flat ironing board and place my laptop on there and hook it up to my (extremely unused) TV using an HDMI cable. On some days, I'd play Outlast or The Stanley Parable and eventually, once I got a Steam account, Portal and then Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Sadly, I made the horrible decision to upgrade to the Windows 10 Technical Preview and, well, my laptop's life went downhill from there. My laptop was made in 2009 and it has this switchable graphics thingee that you can use to switch from the (peasant-grade) Intel Graphics 3000 GPU to the AMD 6470M GPU. So, when I upgraded, the switchable graphics option wasn't available. A few months after Windows 10 hit RTM, there was still no graphics driver update for me laptop, which was weird because it did get an update when Windows 8 was released.

So I formatted my laptop and installed Windows 8.1 on it. The moment that it tried to install the AMD drivers, it crashed and gave me a BSOD. I tried it again and same results. I tried to get another Windows 8.1 ISO and same results. At this point, I was on the verge of tears because I knew, deep in my heart, that I had lost a good friend.

Now, my laptop can't even detect the AMD graphics card, and I have no money to replace it. #1SentenceHorrorStory (The Intel graphics card still works; albeit, it's extremely underpowered and I just do light Photoshop work on it.)

SNSD was on the Trending list on Twitter a few days ago. Apparently, it was for this, uh, "best fandom" thing, I don't know. I was shocked to see that SNSD is still going strong even after, what like, a year without any news of the group's comeback (or if Jessica is coming back). Hay, I miss those days when I'd spazz about SNSD all day on Facebook. I'd see memes like Jessica's Miss Korea or Seohyun not being able to properly wink and I'm just left in stitches. SNSD makes me happy, I just laugh automatically, mehehehe.

I'm starting to watch shows again, hooray! I just watched Ed, Edd n Eddy yesterday and I watched Mimi a few days ago. Rewatching Mimi was such a fun time because I get to look back at the things I overlooked or I got to understand the storyline a little deeper. The story of Mimi is soooooooooo good! It's so romantic as well. The way they were so sweet to each other when they were in high school was seriously some of the best parts of the drama. Sigh, it makes me jealous because I didn't have a similar love story in high school (which is sad, lmao).

I also looked back at the things that creeped me out as a kid. I first looked back at Space Ghost Coast to Coast because I remember being terrified by it as a kid. I remember it being aired late at night in Cartoon Network and I was just horrified by that show. The look of the show is just weird and the dialogue was extremely hard to understand (for a 3~5-year-old Filipino kid who could barely speak English). Hey, I watched Samurai Jack at the time and it didn't scare me, and I quite liked it because I remember imitating this scene where he tried to stop walls from crushing him by using his feet and hands.

And, since I'm talking about cartoons that freaked me out, I should also mention Courage the Cowardly Dog. I was addicted to this show, and I liked the humor of it. My favorite episode was the one where they went inside the computer and tried to fix him because he was sick. (With me being a computer dork, it's obvious that I'll like that episode, Hard Drive Courage.) There were also episodes that freaked me out so much. Like that episode where they stay at a hotel and courage is opening doors and he finds this girl alone inside the room. The girl turns around and is revealed to be a monster and, my God, that shit scared me.

The episode about King Ramses saying "Return the Slab" was the episode that traumatized me the most. The animation of him is just so... off-putting, and the way he says "return the slab" is downright horrifying. I remember this being showed and I noped out of the room faster than you can say "return the slab."

I might as well end here. Well, see you next time then :^)

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