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Seohyun - Don't Say No Review

Get out the fire extinguishers because there's fire's burning (on the dance floor, whoah). No, not that kind of fire, I'm talking about a smokin' hot new album from Girls' Generation's own maknae, Seohyun.

So the rumors were true, Seohyun was the next member of SNSD to release their solo album. And, just like Taeyeon and Tiffany (and Jessica), her new album has got me rockin' to the beat. In all seriousness, her album was officially announced (if memory serves) around January 2017 and—can you believe it—the entire album, as well as the music video of "Don't Say No," was released on a very special day of mine!

Now, as for the music video, it looks like your typical weird Korean k-pop video. It's flashy, the concept looks great, and there's some sexy cutscenes here and there—as well as general weirdness that you'd come to expect from a modern k-pop video.

The video itself does have a storyline, believe it or not, but it's kind of implied. Unlike Taeyeon's "11:11" where the storyline is just blatantly slapped across your face, you'd have to pay attention to the video itself to get what's really going on with the story. But not getting the storyline is okay, as it's not really the main focus of the video (and this entire showcase). I believe that this whole showcase was set up the way it is to show a different side of SNSD's otherwise quiet maknae.

This belief of mine can be backed up by the fact that the video contains some really "provocative-looking" dance scenes and some scenes that implies Seohyun is making out with the guy in the car. Sure, I admit, I'm not a huge fan of the whole sexy concept, but this whole "role switch" of SNSD's sweet-looking maknae really suits her. It's surely to turn heads, and I sure did turn mine.

Unlike previous solo albums from SNSD (including Jessica), the song, and the album itself, seems to be very centered on a party setting. Tiffany's "I Just Wanna Dance" seems to be mainly set in a party or club setting, but it isn't as thorough as Seohyun's album. With tracks like "Don't Say No," "Magic," "Bad Love," and "Love & Affection," it's surely going to be party hit.

I don't know about you, but the entire album just gives me a sparkling rich feeling. Maybe it's because of the cover, or the rhythm of the songs, but they all just come together beautifully to form a kind of rich tone and it just gives me a pristine feeling overall.

My take on Seohyun's first solo album would be extremely positive. I just love every song in the album so much, and I've been playing them in my long walk home. They surely add a beat to my steps and I sometimes find myself saying "meomchuji ma neon namanui Magic" or "baby don’t say no mideo yeojeonhi" on the walk home. It's seriously one of the best albums I've ever heard in a while and it's refreshing to see a new (albeit sexy) side from SNSD's usually-quiet and disciplined maknae.

(Also, between you and I, Seohyun NAILS the sexy concept. Damn son.)

Also, while looking at the video from my blog, I noticed that the official music video wasn't filmed in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Nice job, SM Entertainment.

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