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Main Events: February 2017

This new post series entitled "Main Events" lists all of the main events that I have planned for this particular month. I'm already halfway into February, but, hey, there's still time for me to join and make events. And so, I present the events I have planned for February.

The major event I have planned for this month is the Hackathon! Three others and I are planning to attend this overnight hackathon competition at Microsoft Philippines in Makati, and I'm super psyched for it! First, it's the first coding/computer/programming-related competition I've ever joined, and it's overnight! At Microsoft! How cool is that? I'm DYING to go there and, hopefully, my team can manage to come up with an idea so that we may enter.

The second "main event" I have for February is the art showcase! I've been wanting to show off my skill in different Adobe products for quite some time, and I believe this is the best way to showcase it. I'll be showcasing the different artworks I have made recently (or, if it's that good, from the past year) here! I'll try to fill it up and make some new artworks for next month as well.

I've (finally) decided to showcase the stories I've written. Sure, I admit, I'm not that good in writing stories, but I do love dreaming about them and I've always wanted to write stories. I'm sure that my blog and my Wattpad account is the perfect place to showcase the stories I've been coming up with.

Hopefully, I'll be able to fulfill all of these main events this month—especially the Microsoft one. I'm quite psyched to show off all of the potential I have in me this year. Even though it might start out bad, I just hope that I also have the potential to chase down these talents of mine and improve on them. As for the art showcase and Story Time, these are the first showcases of my talent in other fields, so don't expect much. I do aim to improve next time, and I'll strive to work on those talents of mine. So expect that the art showcase and Story Time for December will be far better than the ones in February.

I still have a long way to go, and a lot of main events planned for the coming months, and I'm quite sure they'll spice up my 2017. That'll be all for now, see you when the art showcase or Story Time starts!

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