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Dartegnian's main blog|Where dreams are penned|Stories are written|Ideas are built|And set in motion


Hi, I'm Dartegnian! I'm a junior at Asia Pacific College who's currently taking up computer science.


Blogging has always been one of my main passions in life. I have made a lot of blogs on the Internet before, with each one of them serving a particular purpose I had intended. This blog of mine, A Better Tomorrow, is no different. This blog's goal is to be a place for me to "show off the best of my best," a place where I can put all my talents on one stage. This blog is the place where I can pen down my problems, intentions, and dreams for the future—all with the intent to help me build a better tomorrow.

That's my main goal for this blog.

My main goal in life, however, is actually quite similar. Quite simply, my main goal in life to improve the lives of people (all over the world, preferably) through technology. I firmly believe that we, humans, are innovative creatures, and technology is the by-product of that innovation. Different people, from different parts of the world, have developed technologies to improve the human condition, and I intend to be one of those people.